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Featured Products

A tablet computer with windows on the screen.

Zebra Xpad L10 - Fully Rugged Tabet

The lightweight Magnesium Alloy chassis can withstand up to 6 ft. drops. The rugged 10.1-inch display is fitted with Gorilla Glass and auto-sense glove & wet touch technology.

A laptop with a keyboard and mouse on it.

Getac V110 - Fully Rugged Laptop

The V110 chassis starts with a precision cast Magnesium Alloy, an incredibly strong structural metal that also happens to be one of the lightest in the world for its strength.

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Zebra TC8000 - Rugged Scanner

Boost worker productivity in your warehouse by 14 percent. Revolutionary productivity gains! One more hour, per worker, per shift. Rugged inside and out.

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Blue-Tooth Ring Scanner

Ring scanners provide your workforce with the hands-free scanning they need to maximize productivity! Easily pair with Zebra TC52 or WT6000

Partnerships with Leading Tech Brands

We work with the best in our industry so you can be the best in yours. Our partners are now your partners.

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Zebra builds enterprise-level data capture and automatic identification solutions that provide businesses with operational visibility.

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Getac manufactures rugged tablets and rugged laptops for some of the most demanding users working in some of the most extreme environments.

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Proclip provides safe and high-quality mounting solutions for all of the devices you use on a regular basis. We focus on safety and ergonomics.

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