At Rugged Development, we have the right solution for your business. Every organization is unique. Our experts are committed to helping you select a solution that matches your specific needs – from warehouse equipment to rugged computing and scanning.

A woman in a warehouse holding a tablet.

Asset Tracking​

With 1D/2D handheld bar code scanners and bar code printers, collecting and maintaining accurate records of your fixed assets will no longer be a time consuming and expensive task. The right integrated asset tracking solution will put your company’s valuable equipment firmly under your control. The goal of this system is to maximize your control and visibility while minimizing product loss.​

Rugged Computing​

Rugged devices come with higher-end processing power, memory, and battery life. They’re designed to meet all-day business demands and are able to run resource-intensive business apps. Rugged computers feature damage-resistant screens, such as Corning Gorilla Glass displays, along with IP-rated sealing that makes them dust-proof, waterproof, and able to withstand liquid spills and repeated drops and tumbles on concrete.

A man holding a cell phone in his hand.

Mobile Computing​

Our handheld or mobile computers are the perfect tool for your data capture and mobility needs. Built with all the features you need to save time and money, increase sales, and boost profitability in your business. With options for real-time wireless, cellular data capture, and push to talk, we have handheld computers for every situation. Get the most out of the day with enterprise mobile computing. ​

A black and gray camera with a holder attached.

Body Worn Cameras

Evidence management is about about protecting lives and upholding justice. Our body worn cameras provide a reliable, secure and dynamic audio and video feed with superior up-time, and real-time access to data. Accuracy and visibility are essential for an effective body worn camera solution. We have evidence management solutions for all department sizes and budgets.​

A mobile device with a hand held scanner.


RFID technology further automates the process of gathering mission-critical information in real time at the point of business activity. When implementing RFID technology into your organizations supply chain, you will see an increase in efficiency, data integrity. This inventory visibility will lower costs, and deliver goods faster and more accurately to the end user.

A group of rolls of labels on top of each other.

Labels, Tags, Media

Printing supplies can impact everything from print head lifespan to operational efficiency. That’s why at Rugged Development we only work with Zebra certified supplies. From cold storage labels, to blue-tooth mobile printer receipts, we have you covered with your printer supply needs.

A woman kneeling down in front of boxes.

Wearable Computing​

Whether you have a distribution center that specializes in high velocity picking or a warehouse full of pallets and cases, Rugged Development has multi-modal and voice-directed picking solutions allow you to experience both speed and accuracy in either situation. Using the power of voice, scanning, workers can perform hands-free tasks and dramatically increase speed, without sacrificing accuracy.

A man holding an ipad in his hand.

Inventory Management

Accomplish more work with fewer workers, while still ensuring quality. Get real-time visibility into accurate inventory counts and locations, order fulfillment dates, and reorder notifications. The right asset tracking solution will put your company’s valuable equipment firmly under your control. Keeping an accurate count and location of everything from raw materials to finished goods.​

A person holding a wallet and paper

Barcode and RFID Printing

A printed label or receipt is a key component of any application in which items need to be identified quickly and easily. Printed labels may seem unsophisticated at first, their benefits are very powerful, assuming they are created properly. Whether you are making labels for shipments, for a business asset, or for products, a barcode label is a reliable tool to help manage any tracking system.​

A tablet computer sitting on top of a desk.

Vehicle Docking

Vehicle docking stations for rugged notebooks and rugged tablets improve mobile worker productivity by providing a secure location for charging and connection to essential peripherals, such as printers, keyboards and barcode scanners. We address these issues with ergonomic solutions that improve user comfort and performance for vehicle docks (MDTs) and forklift mounts.​