Access and input critical information for Emergency Response

Whether collecting information during an inspection or en route to a fire or emergency, our rugged tablets touchscreen allows you to input and retrieve data efficiently. Rugged computing technology has a revolutionary responsive touchscreen built by fusing the glass with a touch panel and LCD to create a single pane. This technology allows our rugged tablet screens to be used with a pen, stylus, fingers and gloves–even in the rain. An optional digitiser mode allows for writing to be captured, which is useful when filling out forms, gathering signatures, or making notes on maps. With screens measuring up to 12.5” incident commanders can work comfortably gathering data for pre-incident planning.

Rapid response information at your fingertips

Rugged tablets can be configured with the powerful Intel® Core™ i5 or i7 vPro processors to deliver high-quality CPU performance and allowing for a quicker response from command and crew. Intel® HD graphics also provide rugged users with unparalleled 3D graphics and video, making access to a critical piece of fire incident planning more effective.

Superior Emergency Service Connectivity

Communication is paramount for incident planning. Our rugged tablets and rugged laptops offer fast and powerful WiFi and superior 4G LTE WWAN technology to keep you connected.

Proven Rugged Solutions for Fire and EMS